In addition to regional classes, the organisation hosts a number of events throughout the year such as training camps, competitions, seminars and overseas events.

Training Camps


Master Liang He Qing Championships

training camps

The organisation hosts an annual training camp. This weekend event is an opportunity for Zhong Ding members from different regions and countries to come together with Nigel and Fong Sutton and Senior Zhong Ding Instructors for a fantastic weekend of training. The location of the events moves around the UK to allow as many people to attend as possible.

Master Liang Championship

The Master Liang He Qing Championship is the annual Zhong Ding competition in memory of Master Liang He Qing. The event consists of a day of seminars followed by the Zhong Ding Championship, which includes events such as Hand and Weapon Forms, Pushing Hands, Weapons Sparring and Silat Cerita. There is both an adult and junior section of the event and it is a great opportunity to test skills in a well spirited event.

Nigels Seminar Series


Events in Malaysia

nigels seminars

Nigel Sutton and Fong Sutton (Tan Mew Hong) reside in Malaysia, but they make regular tours of the UK and Europe. These seminars are a fantastic way to experience their current thoughts and training in a range of martial arts. Details of their next tour will be posted on this site.

Events in Malaysia

Zhong Ding International is the headquarters for the Zhong Ding organisation and is based in Penang, Malaysia. All major events are hosted in Malaysia including anniversary events. Attending an event is a training experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to experience the culture from which these arts were born.

Master Gao Jiwu

Articles from Master Gao Jiwu

Master Gao has dedicated his life to passing on and promoting his father's art. He has served in a number of posts in the Beijing Baguazhang Research Association and is currently vice-chairman. He is co-founder and deputy principal of the Huairou County Martial Arts School. In 1999 he won the baguazhang section of the Yu Yang Cup traditional martial arst competition and in addition has enjoyed other competition successes. In 2003 he was awarded the rank of 7th Duan Chinese Martial Artist.

Nigel Sutton
Instructors and Students
Past Masters

Articles in Memory of Past Masters

The following articles are written following the unfortunate passing of Tai Chi Masters associated with the Zhong Ding organisation

Yin Yang Studies


“The whole of taijiquan is contained in this: one yin, one yang and turn the waist.” Master Lau Kim Hong

Extracted from 64 Hands of Gao Style Baguazhang by Gao Jiwu and Nigel Sutton, a forthcoming publication from Living Tradition

I started learning martial arts at the age of seven from my father Gao Ziying. I was born into a martial arts family. My grandfather Gao Wencheng learnt baguazhang from two second generation baguazhang masters, Yin Fu and Li Dekuan. Both of these masters were disciples of the founder Dong Haichuan.

Zhong Ding run classes in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mainland Europe, Malaysia and the USA.  Details of class times and locations can be found below.

East Midlands
Classes are based around the North Nottinghamshire area (Ashfield and Mansfield districts)
London and the Home Counties
Classes are within easy reach of Greenford, Northolt, Ealing, Hayes, Hillingdon, Ruislip, Southall, Uxbridge and Harrow
North East
Classes are based around Harrogate and York.
South and South East
Classes are based around Worthing on the South Coast
South West
Classes are based in Devon
Classes are based in County Kerry
Classes available across France
Classes available in and around Newburg, Oregon.

This is a copy of what Adam created as he went along on his blog at www.donotthinkofablueelephant.co.uk

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Flying into the Abyss

So this blog has been quiet for the last couple of months, life in the real world has taken up too much of my time to allow me to post anything of note and I never wanted this space to become just another area for me to simply paste links to other sites. However circumstances have changed now and I should hopefully not only be able to post regularly for a while but I'll also have plenty of interesting things to post about. Tomorrow I hit the road. My current life is packed away in cardboard boxes, stowed in my kindly parents loft, my new life fits neatly into a backpack and is defined solely by usefulness and weight. With my tortoise like home on my back I'm crossing the high seas and landing in Penang, Northern Malaysia, for 3 months. There I'll be training martial arts until I can walk on rice paper without ripping it, do mid-air box splits in slow motion and master the 'Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique'.

Zhong Ding produces a newsletter periodically to inform members of the latest news and upcoming events.  These newsletters can be downloaded here by clicking on the links.  Some of the older newsletters are web pages rather than pdf downloads.

News 2015/16


News 2013/2014


News 2011/2012
News 2010
News 2009
News 2008
News 2007
News 2004/2005
News 2003
News 1999
News 1998

Master Fu Chang Hui

Master Fu has been practising the matial arts froman early age, commencing with the study of Hongquan (Hung Gar) in a lineage descending from the Read More..


Master Gao Ji Wu

Master Gao was born in 1942 into a martial arts family. His grandfather Gao Wen Cheng was a disciple of 2nd generation baguazhang descendants Masters Yin Fu Read More..


Master Xu Shu Song (Koh Ah Tee)

Master Xu is one of the youngest of the Zhong Ding technical advisers yet despite this he has managed to carve out for himself a reputation as one of Read More..


Master Lau Kim Hong

Master Lau Kim Hong is an unassuming bespectacled gentleman in his early sixties whose gentle looks belie his tremendous taijiquan skill. Indeed he Read More..


Master Lee Bian Lei

Master Lee first encountered taijiquan when he met Master Yue Shu Ting and despite his youth and skill in Shaolin boxing was firmly trounced at his hands. Read More..


Master Liang He Ching

Master Liang He Qing is exceptional for a number of reasons. Not only does he see no conflict between the practice of internal and external martial arts but Read More..


Master Tan Ching Ngee

Master Tan was born in Muar and as a child took up the study of Chu Gar boxing. His teacher of this southern style was well known for his ability with Read More..


Master Tan Seow Theng

Master Tan Seow Theng is a master of Shaolin Fujian Yongchun Wuzuquan, also known as "The Fist of Five Master or "5 Ancestors boxing". Read More..


Master Wu Chiang Hsing

A devout Buddhist, Master Wu Chiang Hsing ensures that every aspect of his life is touched by his religeous belief. A small, stocky man, his every action Read More..


Master Zhao Wei Dong

Master Zhao whose Daoist name is Xuan Dong was born in December 1966 in Yangchuan County, Shanxi Province, China. At the age of eight he began Read More..


Master Zhou Mu Tu

Master Zhou is a disciple of Lu Tong Bao but himself admits that much of his training has been conducted under the supervision of his shixiong Read More..


Master Zhu Tian Cai

Master Zhu Tian Cai is a senior instructor in the Chen family village, Chenjiagou, China. Read More..

(Report by Adam Lammiman)


I was recently fortunate enough to attend a three day seminar in London led by Peter Kautz, a founding member of the Alliance Martial Arts group based in the USA. This was my first experience of Peter and his teachings. All I knew of him was from his excellent website www.alliancemartialarts.com and some personal accounts from John Gardiner, one of the senior members of the Zhong-Ding Chinese Martial Arts Association which I am a member of, so I wasn't really sure what to expect when I first arrived at the hall we were to train in.

These Technical Advisers although not primarily exponents of taijiquan have all served as examples of the highest ideals of martial arts put into practice. The light that they shine through their practice and their lives has served as an example to senior members of Zhong Ding. Their decades of practice serve as a torch to light the path for those who follow them. Presented in alphabetical order.

Guru Azlan Ghanie

Guru Azlan Ghanie

Guru Azlan inherited his system of Silat Melayu Lok Sembilan from his father. In addition to researching and Azlan Ghanie perfecting his art, he publishes Malaysia’s premier martial arts magazine Seni Beladiri.

Silat Melayu Lok Sembilan is an art centred around the keris, the weapon symbolic of Malay identity. Read More..


Guru Zainal Abidin

Guru Zainal has spent the greater part of his life studying a wide range of martial arts, from Taekwondo to Thai Boxing, to several different styles of Malay and Javanese Silat. Despite early exposure to taekwondo and then silat, Guru Zainal was intrigued by the devastating power of Muay Thai. This intrigue led him to travel to Thailand where he became a student of a teacher of both sprt Muay Thai but also classical Thai boxing.Read More..


Professor Ireneo "Eric" Olavides

Professor Eric has dedicated much of his life to researching Filipino martial arts, in particular, specializing in the Eskrima De Campo of Grandmaster Jose Caballero. Starting his study of Eskrima as a child with his uncle, Martin Iano Lumacang. He went on to train with Master Billy Baa Aclo of Songkite Abaniko and Maestro Fernando Candawan of Doce Pares. But the main influence on his eskrima was Grandmaster Jose Caballero.Read More ..


Master Wong Jing Hui

Master Wong is the Chief Instructor of the North South Shaolin Gymnasium Penang and has been training in the martial arts for nearly four decades. Determined to preserve the traditional Chinese martial arts he has traveled throughout Malaysia, Singapore and even as far as China to research his art and further his studies. Read More..

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