Master Cheng Tin-hung of Wutang Tai Chi Chuan passed away on May 7th 2005. Although I never met him, I mourn him, as does Zhong Ding International, for it is in large part due to his efforts and those of his two disciples Dan Docherty and Ian Cameron that the art of taijiquan has become firmly established in the minds of the martial arts public in the UK, and indeed throughout Europe, as a strong and effective martial art and not some new age “touchy-feely” therapy. Zhong Ding gained strength and direction from the example and lead set by Dan in England. During the 1980’s we participated in many of Dan’s competitions and Dan’s students attended ours. We often lost but we followed their example and persevered. It was Dan’s lead that established a path that all those who sought to practice taijiquan as a real martial art could follow. For these reasons we mourn the passing of a great Master and celebrate his legacy.

Our condolences to Master Cheng’s family and all his students and their students.

Rest in Peace.

Dan Docherty’s words on his passing may be found here.

Ian Cameron's words on his passing may be found here.


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