The graceful art of tai chi chuan (taijiquan) is practiced by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Renowned for its health-enhancing therapeutic aspects, Tai Chi is also an effective and practical martial art.

In this video Nigel Sutton, renowned author and teacher, presents one of the most popular forms of the art in a clear, easy-to-follow format, including a taste of lesser known aspects such as the sword, self-defence applications and an astounding demonstration of Tai Chi's internal strength. Also featured is Tai Chi instructor Tan Mew Hong, technical advisor for the Dorling Kindersley Complete Book Of Tai Chi.

Join Nigel as he teaches a class of students, explaining and illustrating the principles and skills of this profound Chinese art. Nigel, now in his third decade of Tai Chi practice, was the first non-Chinese to win a gold medal in International competition in China. Founder and Chief Instructor of the Zhong Ding (Perfect Balance) Association, Nigel is the author of seven books on the art as well as serving as Technical Advisor to numerous Associations in the UK, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Nigel, who now resides in Malaysia, is one of the few westerners to be invited to become an initiated disciple of several leading Chinese masters in direct lineage to the founder of the art. This tradition he continues in his teaching throughout the world.

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Below are some video clips from the video (MPEG format). The introduction to the video shows some areas that may be covered in future volumes. On the video Tan Mew Hong shows the whole of the form prior to the class with Nigel. Please note that the figure in brackets shows the size of these clips - on slower connections they may take a long time to download. These clips are probably best viewed by saving them to your hard drive (right click and "save target as") and then playing them using windows media player, rather than by playing them in your browser.

From the introduction (780KB) More from the introduction (2MB) Tan Mew Hong - squatting single whip (1MB)
Extract one from the class (2.6MB) Extract two from the class (8.5MB) Extract three from the class (9.6MB)


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