Although Tai Chi Qigong emphasises relaxation of the body and mind this does not mean the practitioner should be sluggish. It is aimed at removing the tense state of muscles so as to let the blood vessels encounter the least resistance and the blood and qi (life energy) to circulate freely in the whole body. During infancy the body and mind are well relaxed and have seemingly inexhaustible energy. When old age approaches, the body becomes tense and stiff. Rigid ways of thinking develop. This is a reflection of the decline in the life force. Thus, the relaxation of mind and body is a very effective way of staying fit into old age.

When performing Tai Chi Qigong there is attention without tension, action with relaxation and harmonious flow of effort. The result is full energy and the active function of every part of the body.

Metabolism is essential to life. Through oxidization it turns nourishment into energy. Thus, whether the body has absorbed enough oxygen or not directly influences the function of the body and especially that of the brain.

Unlike more conventional vigorous forms of exercise such as western style arobics, cycling and running, increased oxygenation levels are achieved without a lot of waste energy in the form of heat, which is damaging to the body over a prolonged period of time.

With these principles in mind, the 18 movements of Tai Chi Qigong can now be performed and completed in approximately twenty minutes.

The intensity of the exercise is determined by the internal rhythm of the body, namely breathing and mental concentration. The body is in continual motion and the legs, in particular, are placed under significant stress.

Altogether this results in sufficient (without excessive) stimulation to the circulation, which in turn improves the aerobic effect.

It is advisable that if you have a medical condition you consult your doctor before doing exercises

Running time: 28 minutes

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