The last few months have been exciting times for Zhong Ding international. In February after an extremely successful trip to the UK which saw many of Zhong Ding UK’s senior exponents gather at Nottingham Trent University to practise a wide range of martial skills as the first part of the new programme of advanced training for senior students and instructors, I went to Manila where I  gave a seminar on Zhengzi Taijiquan’s fighting techniques to a number of experienced martial artists from different areas of the Philippines.

On returning to Malaysia the first Zhong Ding International Spring Camp took place at the Training Centre. Fong and I were helped by our four visitors from the UK, Neil Bothwell, Vincenzo  Leo, Roddie MacGlashan and Tony Ulatowski. In addition to our existing classes in Penang we are now in the process of opening several more, as well as looking forward to hosting more visitors from the West.

Congratulations are in order to Miles Craig and Brian Robson who both attained their Fourth Duan Master Instructor levels earlier this year. In addition Miles has been appointed Chair of the Zhong Ding Qigong Committee and together with other senior instructors is currently drawing up a comprehensive qigong curriculum covering all levels from beginner to instructor. Miles brings more than two decades of qigong experience to this task and this, coupled with his enthusiasm, I feel sure will ensure that those students who wish to deepen their knowledge of this aspect of the art, will have even greater opportunity.

As I write this, Neil Bothwell, a 30 year karate veteran is preparing for his Zhong Ding Full Instructor Grading. This will take place at the Penang North South Shaolin Temple , supervised by Master Wong Jing Hui. At the same event Tony Ulatowski will receive his Fourth Duan certification.

On  July 11th and 12th the Second Master Liang Memorial Championships will be held in the East Midlands. I hope that as many of you, as possible, will be able to attend whether as participants or spectators. The Saturday of this weekend event will consist of a number of seminars given by senior Zhong Ding instructors, while the Sunday will be a day of demonstrations and competition.

Preparations for Zhong Ding’s 21st Birthday Bash here in Penang (August 17th-30th) are now well underway. There are still a number of places so if you fancy 14 days of four star luxury, sun, fun and quality taijiquan training then sign up now... and did I mention the fun?

On a sadder note John Higginson, a long-term Zhong Ding stalwart, has decided that he wishes to concentrate on developing his own Zhong Dao Association. I would like to wish him every success in walking his own path and take this opportunity to thank him for all his help and support over the years. John is an excellent taiji exponent and  a fine instructor and I hope that Zhong Ding members will continue to take advantage of any opportunity they might have to train with him. I also hope that the ties of brotherhood he has forged with all of the Zhong Ding family over the years will continue to remain strong.

Congratulations are in order to Adam Lammiman and Emma Brown who are getting married on the 23rd of May. Adam’s Somerset Zhong Ding classes continue to go from strength to strength and if you are ever in the Minehead area you will be sure of a warm welcome.

Malaysia continues to attract Zhong Ding members  past and present and Colin Stevens, a former instructor from Devon recently visited master Lau Kim Hong in Johor Bahru, where he took the opportunity to enjoy some basic form correction. Master Lau commented that it was nice to see even older taijiquan students  still wishing to improve and be willing to have even long-term faults corrected. Colin, unfortunately received a hip injury while training in pushing hands but with the help of Master Lau’s qi healing he made a quick recovery.

Master Lau has asked me to point out to all Zhong Ding members and others who wish to visit him that the fee for training is RM3000.00 per month or any part thereof,  and that even if you only stay for two weeks the full amount is still payable. People who are unable to comply with this requirement will find that they are not welcome again. So please guys and gals don’t mess things up for the rest of us.

If you haven’t already joined the East Midlands Zhong Ding Forum, then do so now and get involved in the chat:

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Until the next time then, train hard and have fun.

Slowness – taijiquan’s ultimate secret

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