Instructor: Liam Grange

Kids’ Kung Fu Dartington

Thursday - 6:00 pm

This class teaches:


Instructor: Liam Grange

Martial arts has been a life long pursuit for me, starting with the Korean martial arts my family practice. In 2002 I encountered Zhong Ding and began practicing Tai-chi. I have been greatly influenced by spending some long periods training with Nigel in Malaysia as well as training in Korea and Thailand.

Qualified to teach:

  • Bagua
  • Taiji
  • Xing Yi

Suitable for children 7 to 17 years of age

These classes are fun and engaging but require attention and hard work. Students are taught the importance of paying attention; to their own bodies, to the space around them and to others. Martial Ethics (Wu-De) underpins all that we do. By training hard, respectfully and safely together we learn to embody this ethical code, making us into strong and compassionate members of our communities.

We practice:

  • Using breath to relax, energise or strengthen (Qi-gong)
  • Safe falling, rolling, and moving on the ground.
  • Traditional Chinese Forms (Tao-lu)
  • Pushing-Hands and grappling – including throws (Tui-shao)
  • Kickboxing (San-shao)
  • Weapons (Short-staff, long staff, saber and straight sword) – introduced after green sash.

Class Details:

Meadowbrook Community Center
(Studio above Things Happen Here & Pizzalogica)