Instructor: Liam Grange

Nei-Gong / Ba-Gua Dartington

Monday - 9:30 am

This class teaches:

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Instructor: Liam Grange

Martial arts has been a life long pursuit for me, starting with the Korean martial arts my family practice. In 2002 I encountered Zhong Ding and began practicing Tai-chi. I have been greatly influenced by spending some long periods training with Nigel in Malaysia as well as training in Korea and Thailand.

Qualified to teach:

  • Bagua
  • Taiji
  • Xing Yi

This class is suitable for all levels of experience and ability.

We explore methods the Chinese Internal Arts use for strengthening, softening, stretching and integrating the body, developing a deep awareness of the body, calming and stabilizing the mind, having vibrant energy and a clear spirit.

Expect: qi-gong, standing meditations, walking meditations, mobility exercises, stretching, etc.

Currently we are working on the circle walking methods of (Beijing) Gao Family Ba-Gua Zhang. This is an ingenious method of meditative practice that builds health and martial power by twisting and wrapping the sinews to harmonise with the body’s natural spirals. Walking the circle allows us to experience stillness in movement and movement in stillness. We use the body to train the mind and the mind to train the body.

We have the studio booked, but more often than not the students want to practice outside where we can see the sky and the trees (and we can always retreat inside in the even of a sudden downpour).

£10 per class

Class Details:

Meadowbrook Community Center
TQ9 6JD.
(Studio above Things Happen Here & Pizzalogica)