Zhong Ding Martial Arts

The Source


Master Gao Ji Wu

Master Gao was born in 1942 into a martial arts family. His grandfather Gao Wen Cheng was a disciple of 2nd generation baguazhang descendants Masters Yin Fu and Liu De Kuan. Gao Ji Wu’s father, Gao Zi Ying, trained in baguazhang with his father and his martial arts uncle Guo Gu Min, in xingyiquan with Master Li Cun Yi, in taijiquan with Master Yang Cheng Fu and in dachengquan with the founder Wang Xiang Zai. Combining his knowledge and expertise in all these arts Gao Zi Ying passed them on to his son Gao Ji Wu. At the age of seven the young Jiwu started to learn changquan and traditional weapons before going on to learn his father’s internal arts.

Master Gao has dedicated his life to passing on and promoting his father’s art. He has served in a number of posts in the Beijing Baguazhang Research Association and is currently vice-chairman. He is co-founder and deputy principal of the Huairou County Martial Arts School. In 1999 he won the baguazhang section of the Yu Yang Cup traditional martial arst competition and in addition has enjoyed other competition successes. In 2003 he was awarded the rank of 7th Duan Chinese Martial Artist.

Master Gao’s greatest hope now is that his family arts will continue to thrive and be promoted throughout the world.