Zhong Ding Martial Arts

The Source


Master Ho Ah San

Master Ho learnt Tanglanquan (Praying Mantis Boxing) as a young man and was not impressed by his father’s chosen art of Zheng style Taijiquan. His father was a disciple of the famed Master Ye Shu Ting. Since the young Ah San did not attempt to hide his disdain for his father’s art, his father and his classmate Master Lu Tong Bao arranged for a challenge match between one of Lu’s disciples and Ah San. Try as he might he was unable to best Master Lu’s student and as a consequence of his loss he agreed to study with Master Lu. Not only did he become a disciple but he also became a part of the small group of disciples who lived in their Master’s house and trained daily for six hours a day. Master Ho often recounted how, during that time, he was frequently scolded by his teacher for being lazy and not trying his hardest when training during the three hour morning and evening sessions. He pointed out that he was the only one of this select group of disciples that had a job and so he could not rest during the daytime, like the rest of them.

In his later years Master Hos specialized in the practice and teaching of Master Ye Shu Ting’s method of neigong (internal strength) as well as Master Lu Tong Bao’s unique staff method. Amongst his disciples in Zhong Ding are Senior Master Instructors John Marsh, Neil Bothwell and Bob France.