Zhong Ding Martial Arts

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Master Lee Bei Lei

Master Lee first encountered taijiquan when he met Master Yue Shu Ting and despite his youth and skill in Shaolin boxing was firmly trounced at his hands. After Master Yue passed away Master Lee became a disciple of Master Lu Tong Bao.

Master Lee is famous for his fighting skill and as a young student of taijiquan he concentrated on the practical applications of the art.

Early on in his teaching career Master Lee was fortunate enough to encounter the great American martial artist Donn Draeger Sensei who expressed his great respect for Master Lee’s skills.

In recent years Master Lee has made full use of his job as a tour guide to meet skilled exponents of the martial arts all over the world. While in the USA he met and taught a number of members of the Jeet Kune Do clan.

Master Lee’s main classes are based in the southern Malaysian State of Johor and his students have represented Malaysia on many occasions winning numerous medals in international competition. His students have also won many honours at both State and National level.

Master Lee’s practical approach to the application of taijiquan has led to ‘encounters’ with exponents of Thai boxing, karate, taekwondo and silat, as well as a myriad of Chinese styles. In all of these his art has never deserted him. Master Lee is a firm believer in the importance of a firm foundation and thus stresses basic training.

In his early days training with Master Yue Shu Ting he lived with him for three months and during that time trained eight hours a day. Such was the nature of the training that Master Lee describes how at the end of the day he had to crawl up the stairs to bed so painful were his legs. Even though Master Yue was physically very small (photos of him with Cheng Man Ching show that he was even smaller than the diminutive Cheng) he was able to defeat Master Lee in sparring on their very first meeting. At the time Lee Bian Lei was in his twenties while Master Yue was in his fifties! Master Lee reports that Yue Shu Ting’s touch was very light and to this day he does not know exactly which technique Master Yue used to defeat him. The end result, however, was that Master Lee was thrown into a bed with such force that it broke.

In his teaching Master Lee stresses the neigong exercises and his serious students are exhorted to spend several hours a day practising them. Now Master Lee devotes his efforts to teaching the healing exercises and qigong methods he learnt from Master Yue and he has enjoyed considerable success with students suffering from heart problems, diabetes and other related conditions. As Master Lee is fond of saying good health is the most important thing in life and whereas he started his teaching career training martial artists, now he is helping those with physical problems.