Zhong Ding Martial Arts

The Source


Master Wong Jing Hui

Master Wong is the Chief Instructor of the North South Shaolin Gymnasium Penang and has been training in the martial arts for nearly four decades. Determined to preserve the traditional Chinese martial arts he has traveled throughout Malaysia, Singapore and even as far as China to research his art and further his studies.

A measure of his dedication is the purpose-built training hall that he has built with his own hands at the bottom of the scenic Penang Hill. This Penang Shaolin Temple now serves as a focus for the activities not only of Master Wong’s Association but also for visitors from many different groups and styles.

Master Wong is well-respected in the local community and is always ready to offer advice or a helping hand. In the past when Zhong Ding members have been faced with problems of quite a serious nature, Master Wong has been there to help. In short Master Wong is truly a martial arts torch-bearer, an example for all.