Zhong Ding Martial Arts

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Master Koh Ah Tee

Master Xu is one of the youngest of the Zhong Ding technical advisers yet despite this he has managed to carve out for himself a reputation as one of Malaysia’s up and coming Taijiquan masters.

Being an initiated disciple of Masters Lau Kim Hong, Tan Ching Ngee and Wu Guo Zhong, Master Xu has had access to the highest levels of knowledge in the Zheng style of taijiquan. He started training in his early teens with Master Lau and soon established a reputation particularly for his internal strength skills. On numerous occasions he performed at public demonstrations where members of the audience were invited to come out and punch and kick him with as much force as they could muster.

Master Xu’s skill is such that students and exponents of taijiquan from all over the world seek him out. Such martial arts luminaries as master Yap Cheng Hai who enjoys the prestigious title of Malaysia’s Martial Arts Older Brother, have commented on the skill of the young master.

Fearless in his pursuit of taijiquan knowledge Master Xu is always seeking opportunities to further his knowledge. As taijiquan instructor at the prestigious Royal Selangor Golf Club Master Xu counts amongst his students many of the leading lights of Kuala Lumpur society.