Zhong Ding Martial Arts

The Source


Master Zhao Wei Dong

Master Zhao whose Daoist name is Xuan Dong was born in December 1966 in Yangchuan County, Shanxi Province, China. At the age of eight he began his formal training in xingyiquan with Master Gao Qi Sheng and was initiated as his formal, bai shi disciple. From Master Gao he learnt the traditional Xing Yi of Shanxi Province with an emphasis on the internal aspects of the art.

In 1987 he met Master Fu Zhong Wen at the Wudang mountains where he had gone to pursue further research into the internal martial arts. Impressed by Master Fu’s command of the internal aspects of taijiquan Master Zhao became his student.

In 1990 He met Master Song Xu Ming from Shandong from whom he studied both external and internal boxing including tongbeiquan, tanglangquan, chaquan, changquan, nanquan, and Sun, Wu, Wu and Chen style taijiquan.

Four years later, in 1994 he became a student of Master He Fu Sheng from whom he learnt the Hebei variation of xingyiquan.

Finally in 1995 after five years of visits to the Wudang mountains Daoist Master Tong Xu (Master Zhu Hua Ying) took Zhao Wei Dong as a disciple. From Master Tong Xu he learntWudang Longmenpai Yangshengong, dianxue and massage as well as Daoist Quanshengpai skills including mianzhang. Furthermore Master Zhao was able to make an in-depth study of Sanfeng taijiquan, the original taijiquan of Mount Wudang which to this day is seldom taught outside of the Wudang mountains. (Note that some unscrupulous teachers purporting to be from Wudang have put together their own sets under this name. The moves, however, are a compilation of moves from the five family styles.)

When he came down from the mountains Master Zhao taught all over China and he proudly states that he has students from Tianjin to Jiangxi and from Nanjing to Guangzhou. For two years Master Zhao held the post of Wushu Instructor at the Yuedong Wushu Xuexiao.

Currently Master Zhao holds the post of Principal of the Dongfang Wushu Institute in Penang, Malaysia.